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Located in Northeast Vietnam, Ha Long Bay is a part of North Bay, including waters of Ha Long City, Cam Pha Town and part of Van Don island district. Southwestern borders Cat Ba Island Bay, east of the sea, the rest of adjacent land, with a coastline of 120 km, is limited from 106o58 ‘- 107o22’ east longitude and 20o45 ‘- 20o50’ north latitude to total area of ​​1,553 km2 including 1969 islands, of which 989 islands and 980 named islands not named. Island of Halong Bay is the island there are two types of limestone and schist islands, concentrated in two regions is the southeast (belonging to Bai Tu Long Bay) and south-west regions (of the Ha Long Bay area) with age geological formations from 250-280 million years. Densely concentrated zone of stone islands have spectacular scenery and many beautiful caves known as the center Natural Heritage Halong Bay, including Halong Bay and part of Bai Tu Long Bay. Natural Heritage area is recognized worldwide with area of ​​434 km2, including 775 islands, such as a triangle with three vertices is Started Wood Island (west), Ba Ham Lake (south), Cong Tay island (the east) area next to the buffer zone and the national heritage by the Ministry of Culture and Information in 1962 ranked.
Looking down from above, Ha Long Bay as a giant picture to life. Navigate between the Ha Long, one doubt as to a fairy world petrified, the island is like a man standing in formation on the land (more than Started A), the island is like a dragon hovering above the water (island), an island, it is like an old man sitting fishing (Hon Mr La Vong), Hon sail, Hon Chicken, Hon Lu Huong … All look very real, real amazing. Shape of the wonders that metamorphosed rocks incalculable perspective light of day and the angle of view. Hidden in the rocky islands that are as beautiful caves Thien Cung, Dau Go and Sung Sot, Tam Cung … It really is the castle of the Creator among earth place. From time immemorial, Ha Long has been great poet Nguyen Trai ethnic dubbed the period of the land between the high heavens. Halong Bay is also the place associated with the development of national history with famous sights such as Van Don – where the famous trading port (1149), Mountain poems written by many of kings, celebrities, a little further is the Bach Dang river – which has seen two formidable naval battle of our forefathers against invaders .. not only that, today’s deals are researchers study proves to be one of the cradles of human culture Halong from Late Neolithic with archaeological sites as Dong Mang famous, Red Earth, Soi Nhu, the wells … Halong is also the focus of high biodiversity with typical eco-systems like mangrove ecosystems, coral reef ecosystems, ecosystem Ang, ecosystem tropical forests … with every thousands of species of animals and plants are abundant in the forests of the sea, fish, squid … particularly rare species found only in this place.
With such special values, on 17/12/1994, during the 18th session of the World Heritage Council of UNESCO held in Thailand, Halong Bay is officially recognized Natural Heritage , confirming the global value of the world Heritage Site of Ha Long Bay. “Traveling in Vietnam Halong” “Ilove Vietnam” “Vietnam an ideal tourist”